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Toll Collection and Management System

The Toll business is here to stay. At a larger level it reflects the economic progress of the country by creating economically viable lifelines that are the key to progress. This positively impacts many segments of our economy, from private passenger transport to super large vehicles carrying missiles. The Toll system in India operates in different ways across the country in a complicated mix of private, public and Government involvement that have varying degrees of responsibilities, accountability, and funding. At LogicMo create robust software systems, products, and services to offer custom built solutions that consider every single aspect of Toll Management.


Integrated Traffic Management System

LogicMo has built up its arsenal of products, services, and proprietary software solutions to offer clients unique tailor-made solutions looking at various factors that could impact smooth movement of traffic, prevent any leakage of income and a robust loop back mechanism to alert you of any anomaly in Toll Collection. We are specialists in Toll Automation and allied systems that operate at various points in Highway Monitoring landscape. We offer comprehensive, tailor made solutions and are responsible for research, manufacturing, software products and services and commissioning and O & M support..


Weigh In Motion System

LogicMo offers WIM systems that go a long way in monitoring and controlling load factor on the highways. Continuously captured vehicle data can help Toll Organizations to impose overload penalties on Road Users, further analyze traffic patterns and plan better for specific segments like Industrial loads, rural loads and a variety load carrying vehicles that ply on Indian Highways.


Automatic Vehicle Classification System

The variety of traffic on Indian Highways, commercial, noncommercial, Government vehicles, exemptions, and the different slabs of Toll to be collected poses a challenge to any Toll collection Organizations. LogicMo offers accurate solutions in real-time to ensure correct identification of vehicle class in miliseconds to make toll collection fast and accurate.