A country on the move needs a company on the move, on the road and on your side. LogicMo - On the Move



Ahead of the curve

Our competitive edge starts with our talented and dedicated development team and extends to the largest number of engineers and support staff across the country. Enterprise software development, in-house hardware design and manufacturing, a single window approach for complete TCMS & ITMS solutions and focus on customer satisfaction keep us always ahead of the curve.

A Mobility Solutions Company that’s ready to go the extra mile to keep you and your business on the move.

LogicMo is built around the simple philosophy of “Less is more” What this means is, when products or services are deployed on the field, they are simple to understand and operate, troubleshooting is easy, and nothing is left to chance. With years of experience and expertise in all aspects of commercial mobility management, LogicMo sees itself as a comprehensive solutions provider and long-term partner to our esteemed clients rather that a provider of products and services.